• 4 Things Your Previous Locksmith Wouldn’t Tell You, but We Will

    Every trade has its secrets. From the secret ingredient of Bush’s Baked Beans to the ever-changing Google search algorithm, every industry has its fair share of secrets that makes doing business easier. Your local locksmith in Philadelphia is no different. Here, we share 4 our trade secrets, 4 facts that your previous locksmith may have never shared, but we will!

    Most Deadbolts are Installed Wrong by Your Contractor
    Contractors are great for many things, but installing deadbolts is not one of them. As much as you may not want to hear this, many contractors install deadbolts incorrectly. While deadbolts are the most secure form of lock, their security is compromised when incorrectly installed. It’s not uncommon for a locksmith in Philadelphia to be called out to rekey a lock or let someone in, only to find out that the deadbolt was poorly installed. What was initially a simple rekeying has turned into a complete lock repair.

    Always Rekey a New Property
    We hope that any previous locksmith you have used would share this information with you, but we’ve learned over the years is that is not always the case. Any time you purchase a new property, whether it be a home or an office building, always have the property rekeyed. This is a major step in security. You never know how many people previously had keys to the original lock, so getting the locks changed as soon as possible is necessary.

    Showing Us Your ID is Required Before We Open Anything
    How many times have you been asked to show your ID before a locksmith has performed any service? We bet not often, right? Unfortunately, this is a practice that all locksmiths are supposed to adhere to. It’s not to complicate matters further or to stress you out. It’s simply to make sure that we are unlocking property that truly belongs to you. Whether it’s confirming your identity or the address, this is to keep you safe. We do understand that many times your ID is locked inside the very thing we need to open, and that is often why exceptions are made.

    There Are Far Too Many Locksmith Scam Artists
    Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous people out there in the world who like to prey on people when they need help the most. This is especially true for the locksmith industry. Many locksmiths in Philadelphia that you find in the phonebook or online are scam artists who are only in it to make money. These “locksmiths” will often quote you one price and then upon arrival, claim to need special tools to get into your “special lock” thus increasing the price of the job immediately. Be cautious for these types of people.