• Car-Friendly Philly Makes Parking A Breeze (Even If Automotive Locksmith Saves The Day)

    Unlike New York City, where traffic, bridge tolls and sheer square mileage make driving nothing short of a nightmare, Philadelphia is pretty car-friendly. There are major thoroughfares crisscrossing the city and rarely will you encounter bumper-to-bumper traffic outside of rush hour. For those coming into the city from New Jersey, a mere $5 bridge toll to cross the Delaware River stands in stark contrast to the $15 it costs to take the George Washington Bridge across the Hudson River into NYC. In Philly, that $10 difference could get you a drink and sandwich at a Center City spot.

    car locksmith


    However, there’s always a caveat and having to call an automotive locksmith certainly constitutes an unexpected bump in the road. Locking your car keys inside your car is the ultimate insult to injury. Just out of reach and the ultimate solution to your current problem, yet entirely inaccessible unless you break your window to get to them. We wouldn’t recommend that either, as the cost of replacing shattered vehicle glass could cost a few hundred dollars. In short, it’s not worth getting angry over – just call an automotive locksmith to solve the problem. In this article, we’ll explore Philly transportation topics as well as ways that an automotive locksmith can come to the rescue regardless of the time of day you make the unfortunate discovery.


    If you don’t feel like fighting for an on-street spot, there’s no shortage of lots and indoor multi-level garages dedicated to vehicle parking. The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) owns and operates lots and garages across the city. Their convenient online service allows you to find one that’s close to your destination, lists the number of spots and current daily rate for parking there. The “early bird special” for the lot at 1500 Market Street is $19 per day clearly aimed at daily drivers who’ll arrive between 6 and 9 a.m. and leave between 3 and 9 p.m. If the going rate of parking in a lot is too steep, you can pay for hourly on-street parking with the loose change in your cup holder. According to the PPA, metered parking “encourages vehicle turnover opening those spaces for other parkers.” Paying for these spots is as easy as using conveniently-located kiosks that print out a receipt to be displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard.


    If during your travels you discover that you’ve accidentally locked your keys in your car, don’t despair. Don’t contemplate breaking your window or jamming a coat hanger into your car door. Instead, call an automotive locksmith who’ll help save the day (or night) on the town.