• Duplicate a key

    A duplicate Key is a copy of an original key. Can people really create duplicate keys right in the comfort of their own home? The answer in short is Yes, but not as practical as you may think.

    In order to duplicate a key in your own home, you will either need to purchase a key duplication machine, similar to what actual locksmith or hardware stores use. This is more of a costly investment, so unless you frequently need to duplicate key, this is likely not a valid approach.

    The other ways that one can create duplicate keys require various type of material to accomplish the goal. You can create a mold, with certain solution and equipment and follow a process. This too is a more complicated approach, as you would need to source various type of materials and solutions, and research how it is done.

    The most practical way to create duplicate keys is by going to stores Walmart, Kmart, Lowe’s, Home depot or a local locksmith or hardware store. When you consider that a duplicate key only costs between $.75 to $1.50, it is clearly the cheapest solution to making a duplicate key.

    Duplicate Key, do I need them?You certainly do need a duplicate key. That is why when you purchase a new lock, it almost always comes with two keys. It is advisable to keep a duplicate key stored in a safe place so that in the event you lose the primary keys, you can still unlock the lock without much hassle.

    In order to make a good copy of your keys, it is best to use the original key to produce the duplicate key, rather than create a copy of a copy. Each time a key is duplicated, the cut is likely not as perfect as the original key, thus making the key slightly more difficult to open the lock. Often you have to fiddle the key around in order to unlock the lock, this is a direct effect of creating a duplicate key from a key that was already 

  • Duplicate a key