• Gain Access When Locked Out 24 Hours Per Day

    Getting locked out of your home, office or car is stressful. It is also a time-consuming affair if you don’t have a spare key. Should you lock your keys in your car, office or home, a 24-hour locksmith in Philadelphia can handle the problem for you. This also goes for losing the keys to your house, office or car.

    Quick Response Time

    No matter the time of day, the response time of our locksmiths will be quick in the Philadelphia area. You will have to wait 15 minutes or less from the time you place a call to our office and the time our locksmith shows up to your location. A quick response time helps you get on with your day and prevents you from missing too much time at work, at school or the game.

    Free Estimates

    Should you lock your key in your car or lose your house keys, our technicians can provide you with a free estimate during your initial phone call. This helps you know what the cost will be to either replace your keys or rescue your keys before our locksmith arrives on location. The free estimate lets you plan for our arrival and the job we are going to perform.

    Peace of Mind

    Living, working or playing in a big city can be stressful. Add in the fact that you can’t find your keys or locked them in your car and it’s downright frustrating. Our 24-hour locksmith in Philadelphia can provide you with peace of mind should this happen to you. Just remember to give us a call, obtain your free estimate and stay at the given location so the locksmith knows who to look for upon arrival.

    Contact South Philadelphia Locksmith today to have your keys replaced or retrieved anywhere in the City of Brotherly Love.