• How to Spot a Fake Locksmith

    Locksmith installs lock

    A growing bait-and-switch tactic in our country is the online advertisement of unlicensed locksmiths. There have been various reports nationally of fake locksmiths who advertise online but are only interested in picking your pocket.

    What generally happens when you lock yourself out of your car? You pull out your phone and type “locksmith” into Google. A list of Center City locksmith services in your area pops up and you start looking for one that fits your needs and price range. But what happens if the advertised price for a “locksmith service” is $20 but when they come and unlock your car they bill you for $120 or more?

    This is what is happening to many individuals who don’t know how to spot a fake, unlicensed locksmith and it’s currently considered one of the fastest growing sources of consumer complaints in the country, according to the Consumer Federation of America.

    Everyone has locks for their home, car, boat and more. Locksmiths provide much-needed and useful services but in this country they must be licensed and follow certain rules. Because of their expertise, a locksmith can get into just about anyone’s home or car, so it is important for them to be registered within their state.

    To get a locksmiths license, an individual must pass a background check and the license is to be either worn by the locksmith or be visible.

    When going online to search for a locksmith, there are certain pieces of information that are important to see on the site before making any arraignments.

    First look to see if the company has its license number somewhere on its website. If the company provides its license number, there’s a good chance it’s a reputable locksmith. Next, check for the company’s address and telephone number. The address is the more important piece of information here, as it should direct you to a location that can be verified. Finally, see if there are any photos on the site of the company’s employees or the business’ work.  This could help you recognize the locksmith when he comes to help you.

    If a locksmith shows up to help you, their vehicle should also be clearly marked with phone numbers, addresses and locksmith license numbers.

    The key to staying safe and not getting scammed is knowing who you are hiring when you call a locksmith. It is a good idea to put the name of a licensed locksmith in your smartphone or at least know where to find the information in case of an emergency.

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