• How To Spot A Fraudulent Locksmith

    It is 3 o'clock in the morning and you have an early flight to catch but you accidently locked your keys in the car. What do you do? Do you risk damaging your vehicle to fish out the keys, do you call a cab for an expensive trip to the airport or do you pull out your phone to search for an emergency locksmith service provider near you? More than likely, you try to search for a locksmith but finding a reputable locksmith at such an early hour of the morning can be difficult especially when there are fraudulent scammers all over. When you are in a situation where you need emergency locksmith service, there are a few things to lookout for so you can avoid being scammed.

    1. Zero Web Presence

    We live in an age where almost every reputable company has a real website and if you find a locksmith that has limited or no web presence, you may be dealing with a fraudulent locksmith. It should immediately draw a red flag if the locksmith in question has nothing online and that includes zero reviews or reviews that just seem fishy. You may need to spend a few extra minutes researching online, but it will be well worth it so you avoid being scammed. Additionally, search for the address of the company to make sure it actually exists and call to verify it.

    2. Too Good To Be True

    If you are on the phone with a locksmith and they offer you a service at a price that seems too good to be true, you may be speaking to a fraudster. There may be hidden costs and fees and if they are not upfront with those charges, end the phone call immediately. Well-established locksmiths will give you an estimated breakdown of the price so you know how much the service will cost. A good rule of thumb is to call more than one locksmith to get a ballpark estimate of your specific situation – this way you'll have a better idea of what to expect.

    3. Lacking Proper Credentials

    You can instantly spot a scam if a locksmith arrives at your location in an unmarked vehicle, does not look professional and lacks proper identification. Once again, established locksmiths have protocols set in place that can make them easily distinguishable when they arrive. If a locksmith doesn’t have professional, branded attire or a vehicle with a company logo, be very cautious and refuse service. Also make sure to always ask the locksmith for valid insurance information because you want to be covered incase damage occurs. If the situation seems unprofessional, it's not a professional locksmith service.

    Protecting yourself is the number one priority and knowing what to look for is extremely important. Scammers often think that those in need of locksmith services are at their mercy, but with some research, you will realize true locksmith businesses actually care about your situation and will try to help you in every way possible. When you are in need of a trustworthy locksmith in Philadelphia, count on South Philadelphia Locksmith for all your needs! 

  • How To Spot A Fraudulent Locksmith