• Safety Tips For Emergency Car Lockouts

    door openingThere are some situations that are universally stress-inducing for people.  Having to give a big presentation or speech can be nerve wracking, and asking somebody out for the first time can leave anybody nervous.  We’ve all had moments that are a combination of stressful and embarrassing, but there’s one situation that manages to be both while adding an element of danger to it: locking yourself out of your car.

    If you’re a South Philly resident, you don’t have to be told that some neighborhoods and streets aren’t the safest to be alone on.  Locking yourself out of your car isn’t just a big inconvenience, it’s also a significant safety concern.  If you find yourself locked out in the city, make sure you follow these safety tips.

    Call a locksmith immediately

    Don’t wait to see if you can jimmy the lock open with a coat hanger (trust us, most modern car locks makes this impossible).  Don’t wait around to see if the friend you’ve texted to get your spare key will reply after an hour of silence.  Time is not your friend in this case, and the longer you desperately try to get yourself into your car the more danger you put yourself in.  Your goal is to get inside your car as fast as possible and waiting around won’t make it any easier.  Don’t hesitate to find an emergency locksmith in Philadelphia as soon as you can’t access your car.

    Keep an eye on your car (safely)

    If you aren’t located in the best neighborhood, or aren’t in a well-lit area, standing right by your car while you wait for the locksmith to arrive may be a little too dangerous.  Scope out the area to see if there’s a diner or storefront nearby where you can wait for help to arrive.  If you can’t find anywhere within eyesight to wait for help, find the nearest inside area and ask for the locksmith to meet you there.

    Don’t accept outside help

    You may normally be willing to chat with any stranger that crosses your path, but now isn’t the time to make friends.  Some criminals can see you poking around your vehicle for a way in, and they could pose as a helpful “friend” and offer to help get you into your car.  The offer may seem nice, but only until they hotwire your car and steal it.  Be a bit wary of strangers, and don’t feel bad for ignoring some people.

    Think about an accessible spare

    Don’t let yourself get caught in this situation next time.   Look for a small magnetic box you can put on an inconspicuous area of your car to keep a spare.  Also consider giving a spare key to friend that lives in the area.