• Teaching Kids about Home Security and Safety

    Little girl opening door to someone.In this day and age, it’s common for children’s schedules to not line up with that of their parents’ schedules. This means more children are home alone after school until one of their parents or guardians can get home from work. As parents, it’s our job to teach keep our children safe, especially in our own homes. Teaching your children about proper home security can go a long way in ensuring their safety. Here, your friendly Center City Philadelphia locksmith shares a few helpful tips to teach your children and keep them safe.

    One of the simplest measures that you can take and teach your children is to lock doors. How many times have you walked through the door, arms filled with groceries and forgot to go back and lock the door behind you? It happens. We get distracted. However, locking doors is one of the easiest measures you can take and teach your children. Help your children to make it a habit to constantly lock the door whenever they leave the house or come in.

    If your home has an operating security alarm system, it is important that your children understand how to operate it. Whether it’s arming, disarming, activating the panic siren, or other simple and basic functions, your child should know how to use these features in the event they are home alone or unassisted. Additionally, if there is a unique password associated with the alarm system, you should teach your children the password and the importance of not sharing it with anyone.

    The most important measure when it comes to safety, according to your locksmith in Center City, is to call 911 in the event of an emergency. Sometimes, scary things happen and it’s important that children know when to call 911 and how to handle the call. It’s best to establish an emergency procedure, but also let them know that calling 911 is a serious matter and is not to be taken lightly.

    As locksmiths in Center City, we see it all; both good and bad. To prevent the worst from happening, make sure you teach your children these three home safety tips to keep them safe at all times.