• The Important Questions You Need To Ask A Locksmith

    Whether you need locksmith service at your home, business, or your car, there are a few important questions you always need to ask before having them come to your location. Not every locksmith in Philadelphia is the same, which means you need to know which ones to trust and which ones to avoid. With that said, you need to ask these important questions over the phone when you are in need of locksmith service in Philadelphia!

    What's your address?

    Legitimate locksmiths in Philadelphia should be able to provide you with a business address in the city. As odd of a question as it may seem to ask, it's important because it'll be the first red flag of the conversation if they cannot tell you their address. To further verify the legitimacy of their address, ask if there are any nearby landmarks or cross streets so you can get an idea of where they are located.

    Can I get an estimate?

    One of the biggest things you'll want to know is the cost of the locksmith service that you need. A locksmith company should be able to provide you with an estimate over the phone because if they have experience, they should know the ball park estimate from past work. If they tell you that they need to come to your location and do the work first, that's another red flag. You shouldn't permit locksmith service without knowing the price because it's not a good business practice to be left at the pricing mercy of the technician.

    Can you upgrade my locks?

    You'll want to work with a full service locksmith company and this question is extremely beneficial to business owners because a commercial locksmith in Philadelphia should be able to upgrade your locks and enhance your property security. Ask if they can provide you with digital control keypad installation, doorbells, intercoms, and other high security locking needs because you'll want to ensure that you are dealing with a professional locksmith company.

    Are you available now?

    The need of locksmith service can happen at any time because you can be locked out of your home, car of business whenever! A reputable locksmith will have 24/7 emergency service that can come out to your location at a moment's notice. Whether it's rekeying a lock, opening a door or fishing out a broken key in a lock, you should be able to trust a locksmith that can help you whenever you need it.

    Are you insured?

    It's important to know that your locksmith has insurance to cover any type of accidental damage because that's the last thing you want to be responsible for.

    How fast can you get to me?

    No one likes waiting around for locksmith service and that's especially true late at night. Ask how long it will take them to get to you because you'll want prompt service. Some services will give you a quote that could be over an hour wait but that's not something you want. Instead, make it easy on yourself by calling South Philadelphia Locksmith at (215)987-8681 for a 15 minute response time!

  • The Important Questions You Need To Ask A Locksmith