• Visiting Philadelphia this summer? Here’s where you should park

    There are so many great events and festivals all throughout Philadelphia this summer! Whether you’re relaxing on the waterfront at the new and improved Spruce Street Harbor Park or visiting one of the pop-up beer gardens or outdoor festivals that can be found in various parts of the city, there’s no shortage of summer fun in Philly.

    Not to mention, awesome events such as the Historic District concert series and the Wawa Welcome to America party that is free to the public and will feature a concert and a fireworks show on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

    But enjoying all of these wonderful Philadelphia summer events is one thing, finding parking so that you can enjoy them is another.

    To help you figure out where to park your car while visiting Philly, here are some tips.

    • One of the more expensive but safe options is to park your vehicle at a hotel. If you’re coming in from out of town and planning on spending at least a night in Philly, booking a hotel will take the stress of finding parking off of your plate. The best part about parking at a hotel is that you’ll have in/out privileges that will allow you to come and go as you please while only paying one daily fee that is usually worked into your overall bill for your stay.
    • Park in a public garage or parking lot. In Philadelphia, there are Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) parking lots and privately owned and operated parking lots. PPA lots are usually less expensive, averaging about $20 per day. However, privately owned lots might offer a better variety on rates, including commute or weekend specials.
    • Street parking in Philly can be risky depending on where you’re at. The PPA is very efficient at ticketing so not only do you have to make sure you’re in a safe area, you must also know that you’re legally parked. Much of Philadelphia’s street parking is metered, so be sure to keep up with that as well if you decide to go this route. Most Philly streets now have an electronic ticketing system rather than meters where you can pay for parking at a kiosk and place a printed ticket on your dash.

    If you’re planning on spending some time parked in Philly, it’d be wise to also look up some locksmiths in Philadelphia ahead of time. That way if you’re locked out of your car in any of the aforementioned parking locations you’ll know who to call to get some help.