• Watch Out for Thieves Duplicating Car Key Fobs

    Did you know that with a click of a button thieves can gain access to your vehicle if you use a key fob to lock and unlock your car?

    Thanks to the internet, car thieves are gaining access to the technology they need to steal from your vehicle. With what’s being called a radio frequency device, thieves are capturing the radio frequencies given off by your key fob when you lock and unlock your car.

    By doing this, thieves can then use this device to gain access to your vehicle. But have no fear! There are ways to protect yourself from this growing issue.

    When locking your vehicle, do so right when you exit, not as you’re walking away. If you lock your car with your key fob while standing right next to the vehicle, it makes it harder for these auto criminals to pick up the radio frequency they need to access your personal property.

    If your key fob belongs to an older-model car, you should go see a car locksmith or dealership right away to have it updated. This will make it so that the key fob cannot be duplicated by thieves. Many car locksmith’s offer 24-hour service, so be sure to do this as soon as you can.

    The device being used by these car criminals is one that can be used by businesses to help their customers. But these businesses must have the proper license and background checks to even purchase the device. Car thieves are circumventing this process through the internet, where they are receiving the technology and information they need to steal drivers’ belongings out of their vehicle.

    The internet can be a great resource, but it’s also a dangerous tool when used by people with bad intentions. But you can use the World Wide Web to your advantage, as well, by searching for the nearest car locksmith where you can have your key fob updated.