• Why Being Locked out of Your Car is the Worst

    What do you think is one of the worst car problems to have? Some people reading this might think of any kind of engine troubles. After all, engine problems can be tricky to figure out and, depending on the make and model of your car, they could be an expensive fix. Others might mention transmission issues because they're notoriously expensive to deal with, and usually require a lot of attention and work. There's also something to be said for problems you can take care of yourself like blown tires or broken windshield wipers, but there is one common and troublesome car issue that you might not consider: being locked out of your car.

    Maybe you lost your keys or perhaps you accidentally locked them inside your car. Either way, you need your car keys, and not having them is one of the biggest and most annoying inconveniences you can have. A car locksmith is an essential for every Philadelphia resident, and everybody should have the number of one saved in their cell phone. Don't believe us? Well, did you consider that . . .

    You can't pick car locks

    A car lock is very different from the door locks that you're used to. You may have been able to use a bobby pin or another long and thin implement to open an accidentally locked bedroom or bathroom door, but you can't do that with a modern car lock. Aside from the fact that car locks are infinitely more complicated than door locks, almost every vehicle built in the last 20 years has a special chip inside of it. The chip and the lock and key mechanism work together to unlock your car. You can spend an hour trying to pick your car lock, and all you're going to end up with is a bunch of wasted time and some odd looks from people who think you are trying to steal your own car. You need a specialist to open a car lock.

    You're going to be stuck out in the elements

    Wouldn't it be nice if every car problem happened in perfectly sunny 70-degree weather? Weather isn't just a problem when you're behind the wheel, it can also cause problems when you're simply trying to get behind it. Imagine being locked outside of your car during one of last winter's cold snaps, or maybe during a drenching rain in spring. Or imagine waiting outside of your car during an oppressive heat wave complete with unheard of city humidity.

    You're going to be stuck out in the city

    Philadelphia residents love their fair city, mainly because they've learned how to enjoy it as safely as possible. Being alone by your car is never good, especially when you can't safely sit inside of it. You could also look a little suspicious to police officers, traffic cops, and well-meaning residents and neighbors. 

    If you want to ensure the quickest, safest reentry into your vehicle, South Philadelphia Locksmith can help. We have 24-hour emergency service that offers a 15-minute response time, so that you'll never have to wait for long!

  • Why Being Locked out of Your Car is the Worst